Workshop ‘Self Portraits’

What is it about?

What is the sensation of being portrayed? 

What does the subject experience? What thoughts emerge, and what emotions are evoked? We shift our perspective from that of the photographer to that of the subject, yet we still maintain our role as the photographer.

Through immersing ourselves in the subject’s experience, we acquire insight into the methodology we employ to portray them.
We question our approach, seeking refinement, perhaps to unveil more of the subject’s potential and possibilities.

Thus, our portraits reveal multiple and deeper layers, ultimately leaving a lasting impact. What, after all, is it that makes a photograph memorable?

In this workshop, we undertake a thorough examination of the self-portrait. 

What defines the true essence of a self-portrait?
It’s not uncommon for photographers to devote a significant portion of their careers to this practice.
We examine the works of both well-known and lesser-known photographers, uncovering diverse approaches to this intriguing subject.

Throughout our discussions, we’ll delve into various techniques for creating self-portraits.

Each participant contemplates their approach to the subject matter.
Transitioning to practical application, we embark on the creation of our own self-portraits.
Together, we’ll review the results, identifying what makes a portrait truly captivating.
How does a self-portrait reflect our inner selves? Does it convey the message we, as photographers, intend?

But who really takes centre stage in the photographic act of taking a self portrait – the photographer or the subject?
Can both coexist harmoniously in that moment?

And what about the selfie?
Can we truly equate it with a self-portrait? Is there a fundamental difference between the two? 

Hans Roels conducts photography workshops on specific topics. 

Through in-depth exploration of specific themes, he guides us in uncovering the essence of photography
and scrutinizing methods to enhance our portrait photography.

Hans extends an invitation to join him on this journey,
as we collectively explore the trajectory and destination of our creative endeavours.




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