A Woven Culture

Tai, a Woven Culture is a large-format hardcover art book measuring 29.5 cm x 32 cm, encompassing 348 pages adorned with over 230 colour photographs.

In collaboration with Tai textile collector Napajaree Suanduenchai, I have embarked on a journey spanning the past 25 years to visit, photograph, and meticulously document the diverse Tai subgroups that have dispersed throughout Southeast Asia. The Tai people have traversed from Thailand to Laos, northern Vietnam, South China, Myanmar, and as far as the Assam state in India since their last migration in 1300 AD. What unites these Tai subgroups is their remarkable and distinctive weaving culture, with yellow silk, characterized by its thick, smooth fibers, being the heart of this manual craftsmanship.

This book not only delves into the art of weaving and the cultural intricacies of the Tai subgroups but also provides comprehensive insights into the neighbouring ethnic minorities.

Tai, a Woven Culture was officially launched at the Royal Library in Brussels, Belgium, on March 25, 2023, and subsequently released in Bangkok on April 7, 2023, at the Blue Elephant Restaurant. Published by River Books, Bangkok, the book is available in English, with an initial print run of 3,000 copies.

To promote education, we have generously donated 100 copies of the book to schools and universities for use as study material. Furthermore, profits from book sales in Northern Thailand will be directed to support the Thai Education Foundation.

Tai, a Woven Culture is available for purchase at the price of 88 € per copy and 3,200 THB per copy for orders from Thailand.

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What a Wonderful World



Marollen / Marolles

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in Abdijen van Vlaanderen

FILI(I)(AE) is a tome delving into the abbeys of Flanders.
The book captures the collective life of the inhabitants within each abbey—individuals who have opted for a communal existence somewhat detached from mainstream society. In FILI(I)(AE), we invited them to reveal themselves, to introduce who they are. Each abbey community has penned its own accompanying text. The book was published in both Dutch and French by Pandora, Antwerp. Regrettably, both language editions are currently out of stock.

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