Tai, a Woven Culture

Cover Photo of the Book “Tai, a Woven Culture”

The individuals featured in the cover photo proudly identify themselves as Tai Muaeng. In the backdrop, on the left side, we find members of the Red Lahu ethnic group, while on the right side, we glimpse individuals from the Pakayor ethnic group.

“Tai, a Woven Culture” masterfully portrays the diverse subgroups of the Tai, an indigenous people who embarked on a migration over 700 years ago from northern China to Southeast Asia, where they established several Tai Kingdoms. These resilient communities are the forebears of modern-day Thailand, with significant Tai populations thriving in Laos, Northern Vietnam, Southern China, Myanmar, and the Assam province in India.

What unites all Tai people since their last migration in 1300 AD is their extraordinary and unique weaving culture. At its core lies the vibrant yellow silk, a fabric known for its thick and velvety fibers, crafted meticulously by hand.

This magnificent art book, “Tai, a Woven Culture,” boasts a large-format hardcover design, measuring 29.5 cm X 32 cm, and comprises 348 pages adorned with over 230 captivating color photographs.

For further information and a deeper exploration of this rich cultural narrative, please visit our website at taiawovenculture.com

Discover the intricate stories behind the silk, the hands that create it, and the profound cultural significance that has bound the Tai people together for centuries.



Tai Phuan

Lahu – Shi

Tai Yai

Tai Wu

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