in the Abbeys in Flanders

The Abbey of Roosenberg, Waasmunster

In the heart of Flanders, where history weaves its intricate tapestry, there exists a world veiled in silence and contemplation—a world where seclusion and community coexist. “FILI(I)(AE)” is a photo book that delves into the captivating lives within the abbeys of this timeless land, shedding light on the groups of individuals who have chosen to step away from the bustling currents of society to seek solace and spiritual connection in the tranquil embrace of monastic life.

Within the pages of “FILI(I)(AE),” the abbeys themselves come to life in group photos of the inhabitants. Through the lens of the camera, they have graciously allowed us a glimpse into their world, inviting us to share in their quiet existence and understand the deep sense of purpose that drives them.

Each abbey community tells its unique story through their own words, providing a personal perspective on the beauty and challenges of communal living. 

The Dutch and French versions of the book, thoughtfully published by Pandora, Antwerp, were received with enthusiasm and, unfortunately, have become cherished collectibles, now sold out.


The Abbey of Postel

Abbey Keizersberg, Leuven

Monasterium De Wijngaard, Brugge

The Abbey of Averbode

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